Securing quality and traceability

Since the quality is the imperative of our operations, the control quality sector together with other sectors within the company aims at retaining and improving the quality of goods we store.

When dealing with mercantile goods we take into consideration all of the factors influencing the yield and quality, which differs year after year. That is why we start monitoring quality on fields by monitoring crops, then during harvesting and reception and storage, as well as during the shipment. On the basis of information we receive through monitoring of crops and controlling the quality during receipt, we take all the necessary technical-technological measures in order to preserve the quality of stored goods. Emphasis was put on monitoring quality during storage, which is confirmed by managing traceability of goods from the moment of receipt until the moment of delivery.

The main task of the quality control sector is to match the quality of goods to the specifications of quality defined in the sales contracts with domestic and foreign purchasers, as well as in the specifications of the factories within the Victoria Group Company - Sojaprotein and Victoriaoil. Insuring quality is done in accordance with the applicable regulations and laws of the Republic of Serbia and EU regulations. Appropriate certificates of accredited laboratories provide the confirmation of quality, following us from the very receipt of goods until their delivery.