Reliable partner for successful production

Olimpik Geošev D.O.O. in Opovo, whose director Jovica Geošev was one of the most successful partners of Victoria Logistic in 2013. How have they become so successful and what is their advice for success?

The company Olimpik Geošev D.O.O. was established in 1998. The company owes its success to cooperation with almost 200 co-operative farmers who cultivate maize, sunflower, and wheat on more than 300 ha. In agricultural production, co-operative farmers can rely largely on the assistance of Olimpik Geošev, which provides seeds, pesticides, and mineral fertilisers for its co-operative farmers.

“In doing business it is of great importance to have a partner who you can trust. We do our best to make our co-operative farmers believe us, to justify this trust, and offer them security. This is also confirmed with our relation with Victoria Group. Actually, we have had cooperation since 2004, and in all these 10 years we had had full security, trust in this cooperation, which has really meant us a lot in improving our business. In 2006, Victoria Group gave us an interest-free loan with a repayment period of 5 years for the construction of a silo. We repaid the loan within the provided term, regularly, and this assistance was the basis for the extension of our capacities, i.e. our business. In addition to providing raw material, we also accept and purchase grains, sunflower, which we store in our silos with a capacity of 2,500 tonnes. We also provide services of combine harvesting, soil analysing or, in a word, we provide all services “from sowing to harvesting”. We have also organised presentations on soil analysis in cooperation with the Victoria Logistic team, which have contributed to better information and education of farmers not to throw mineral fertilisers but to use them properly and cleverly. Mineral fertiliser Fertil has proved to be very efficient in this region. We also provide transportation services to co-operative farmers with our two trucks” - says Jovica Geošev.

Olimpik Geošev is a real example of good practice - back in 2004, they started to analyse the soil and proved that applying quality fertilisers can lead to good results, they can achieve progress, and their vision of success includes co-operative farmers who can really and fully employ the technology that the expert service of Victoria Logistic recommends for their fields. Nowadays, it is not difficult to achieve good results in agriculture; we have only to adhere to and apply agrotechnical measures and technology, which is the same as the technology used in Europe. When everyone was saying that the sunflower cannot give high yields, Olimpik Geošev had a yield of 4.9 t/ha in their fields.

“We see our future as a continuation of our cooperation with Victoria Logistic on mutual satisfaction. Our relationship is full of trust, security, and successful cooperation. We believe that this decade-long cooperation will continue for many more decades” – finishes the conversation Mr. Geošev.