Victoria Logistic offered three oilseed purchase models

Victoria Logistic offers oilseed producers to choose between and combine three purchase models that were introduced last year and received approval and a lot of praise from business partners.

The first model of daily, forward price starts at the beginning of oilseed sowing and ends at the beginning of harvest. The current market price of soybean and sunflower is determined each workday at 10 a.m. This price is valid through to 3 p.m. the same day.

The second model is the closest to the old purchase model, and according to it, the provisional price is determined upon receiving the seeds at the beginning of the “purchase campaign”, while the final market price is determined at its end.

The third model offers the partners the possibility to store the goods in the company silos, and to sell them at the most suitable time. If they decide to sell the goods to Victoria Logistic, all storage costs are borne by the company.

By combining these three models, agricultural producers can manage production with the lowest level of risk. Victoria Logistic is the first company in Serbia to introduce this kind of trade model in line with European practices. Namely, a large number of farmers in the EU sell one third of their goods in advance, one third during harvest, and one third during the year while following market trends.

Forward trade of oilseeds is in progress, and in addition to forward trade of soybeans and sunflower, this year, business partners have been offered forward trade of rapeseed, exclusively certified according to the ISCC standard.

Victoria Logistic is undergoing intensive preparations for oilseed purchase in the harvest season, as well as an even faster and better reception of seeds at around 100 purchase locations managed by the company throughout Serbia. Business partners are provided with complete expert support until harvest, in order to ensure that top quality soybeans, sunflower seeds, and rapeseed are grown in the fields for processing.