A Gathering about Financing Agricultural Manufacturing with Participation of Victoria Group Representatives

On May 10 in Belgrade, organized by the FAO (Food and Agriculture Organization of the United Nations) and the EBRD (European Bank for Reconstruction and Development), a work meeting was held on the implementation of the Law on Financing and Securing Financing of Agricultural Production. This first workshop within the program for the promotion of the Law was intended for representatives of banks, processing companies and suppliers, while during upcoming gatherings basic legal solutions will be presented to the authorities’ representatives i.e. of agricultural producers as well as their associations.

The financial training was held by experts from the Rabobank Group, which is one of the world leaders in the field of agro-business finance. Special attention was paid to examples of good practice in Brazil, where loans given, according to this model, can be measured in billions of dollars, and by comparing them with the legal and economic system in Serbia.

The advantages of pre-harvest finance were presented, the legal and administrative aspects of this process were covered, as well as the topic of necessary resources and the availability of financing sources. The security mechanisms and placement protection were also discussed, with a special focus on risk management. New mechanisms of risk control and easier collection, like crop monitoring in the field, were explained.

With its significant age-long experience in pre-financing agricultural production, the Victoria Group contributed to the discussion and presented their case study at this gathering, and they also gave their contribution in the phase of preparation of the Law on Pre-budget Financing. On this occasion, the Company was represented by Branislav Pavlović, director of the Legal Department at Victoria Group; Mladen Jovanović, director of Victoria Logistic; Milan Marković, director of the Financial Sector of Victoria Logistic; Goran Borčak, director of the Commercial Sector of Victoria Logistic, and Radmila Vujadinović, risk manager at Victoria Logistic.