Expert Meeting on the Process of New Soybean Sorts Trial

As a part of the TAIEX program of the European Commission (Technical Assistance and Information Exchange), in cooperation with the Ministry of Agriculture and Environmental Protection, an expert mission took place in Sombor from May 18 to 20 with the theme “Methods of New Soybean Sorts Trial with the Purpose of Registering them with the Official List of Sorts”.

Experts from the Department for Recognition of Sorts at the Plant Protection Directorate and Group for Plant Variety Protection and Biosafety were present. Besides the Ministry representatives, this theme also gathered representatives from agricultural expert authorities from the Institute of Field and Vegetable Crops Novi Sad, the Corn Institute Zemun Polje and the Serbian Seed Association, while Natalija Kurjak, marketing director, participated as the representative of Victoria Logistic.

The procedure for examining new soybean sorts in the European Union was presented by experts from Austria and Italy. Applicable laws in our country and the EU were also presented, and the possibilities of improving the cooperation and exchange of experiences in this field were considered as well.