Educational Brochures on Soil Analysis and Electronic Book of Fields

The Victoria Logistic has prepared two education brochures for agricultural producers - on soil analysis and an electronic book of fields, explaining the significance and advantages gained by using them.

Soil analysis is the basic measure of contemporary agricultural production. The brochure relating to this topic may be downloaded here. It contains answers to questions why it is necessary to sample and analyze the soil, how to properly take a sample and when, followed by a specific example of how to save by rationally fertilizing, customized to parcel measures thanks to the analysis results.

To all agricultural producers dealing with field production, Victoria Logistic offers the software application FIELDBOOK - ELECTRONIC BOOK OF FIELDS. This tool for planning and monitoring daily activities in agricultural production ensures fast and easy data input and their simple overview and analysis. Nowadays, keeping a book of fields is a must because food industry standards are becoming more rigid and require validation of raw material that is to be used in the production process. Therefore, each parcel needs to have records on agro-technical measures taken during the vegetation season.
The brochure on the electronic book of fields can be downloaded here.